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Together with our specially selected partners in taste, we are committed to introducing you to these little stylish extras and expertise that really make all the difference.


You are sure to have noticed these fine framed illustrations that contribute to your room’s distinctive cachet… Adèle & Jules have called upon the services of those in the know, the publishers Balibart, who scout out and bring together graphic artists, illustrators and collagists to create exclusive art prints. In these dedicated artists’ studios, international influences and inspirations join forces with a vibrant pictorial contemporary approach. This hybrid artistic sensitivity, very much of our times, won over Adèle the daydreamer and Jules the aesthete for their hotel. www.balibart.com

Café Lanni

It isn’t because high tea is sublime, a truly special occasion at Hotel Adèle & Jules, that we should overlook the pleasures of coffee. We put our faith in a talented local coffee-roasting expert, Café Lanni. This traditional firm, established in 1947, selects the finest coffees and prepares them with supreme know-how: slow roasting, which ensures that the coffee beans are done to perfection, evenly both inside and out. In Jules’s view, taking your time is absolutely vital to enjoy coffee tasting to the full. www.cafes-lanni.com

Émile Vergeois

Blond Orange: the name alone should suffice when it comes to guessing that this fruit juice is synonymous with an exquisite-tasting beverage. Behind the scenes, the artisans at Émile Vergeois take great care with the quality of their products, the fruit juices and nectars available from the hotel’s Honesty Bar. Their atelier in Saint-Romain-en-Jarez, near the Monts du Lyonnais, is a land of hillside crops, which gives the fruit its fullness and lusciousness. It is without a doubt on account of this sun-kissed aroma that Adèle can’t resist temptation in the presence of vineyard peach nectar.


Both Adèle and Jules are mindful of the hushed silence you enjoy in your rooms, but they take great care and pleasure in the harmony of sound that is the hallmark of our hotel lobby. Classical or more psychedelic music softly sets the tone at different times of the day. The hotel’s musical mood has been custom-composed on the advice of Paris-based sound designers O+CO. Good vibrations for a melodious stay. www.oplusco.com

La Crème de Paris

Waffles or crêpes? Sweet or savory? Whichever you choose, Adèle and Jules both delight in gourmet pleasures that take us back to our childhood… especially when they are as inventive as the fare served at nearby La Crème de Paris, at 2 rue du Faubourg Montmartre. The menu even includes gluten-free delicacies. And so Adèle will feel lighter than air, bringing them to you at the hotel.

Entre Miel et Terre

To brighten up your mornings, we have selected honey whose lustrous golden aspect comes straight from the Vaucluse region. Or more specifically, Bonnieux, where Sylvie and Patrick Agnel and their family keep their bees and assure the quality of their various nectars. The hives are moved with great care according to season, in order to develop fully the lavender honey fragrance, the sylvan chestnut tree honey aromas, or the subtle acacia or rosemary flavours. You are sure to make a “beeline” at breakfast for these seasonal honeys chosen specially for Hôtel Adèle & Jules. Entre Miel et Terre – rue Victor Hugo 84480 Bonnieux

Did you like the kilims at Adèle & Jules? You must visit Galerie TRIFF

Specialized in kilims since the early 1970s, Galerie TRIFF has strongly contributed to the promotion of the woven art in both Europe and France. Ever since the gallery’s creation, the Gallery have always favored quality, authenticity, aesthetics and originality in the choice of our kilims. Both antique and collector’s kilims were woven, for personal purposes, by women – both nomads and villagers. They did not use drawings: they based their weaving on the traditional motifs of their tribes or regions. Ceci m’amène a vous demander si cette rubrique pourrait être gérée en interface propriétaire car elle est destinée à évoluer et ce serait bien qu’on puisse l’alimenter en direct. www.triff.com

Nathalie Duvillier

Je travaille maintenant sur mes Masco-portraits, et mes grandes toiles abstraites. J’aime l’idée de recouvrir des visages pour mieux les découvrir et pense qu’au-delà des préjugés, notre identité est sans cesse en évolution, qu’elle protège ce que nous avons tous en commun : de formidables capacités de changer EN BIEN. www.nathalieduvillier.wix.com/tatduvillier-peintre

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